Monday, December 15, 2014

A Fistful of Santas

The four St. Nicks above came to my collection from various sources:

The Victorian-style fellow on the far left was found in the neighborhood Village Discount Outlet (a chain of second-hand stores in the Chicagoland area), where I've found quite a few cool yule decorations in recent years.

The giant head immediately to Victorian Santa's left was given as a Christmas present by a friend a long time ago. (His official name is Thistle--or so the tag on his underside says.)

The metal wind-up fellow was picked up at Uncle Fun many years ago. I often went there during the holiday season to find cool little ornaments and decorations for La Casa. Sadly, I can't do that this Christmas, since Uncle Fun closed earlier this year.

The Santa on the far left was bought at an arts-and-crafts store (possible Michaels) sometime in the '80s--and hand painted by yours truly.

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