Friday, August 8, 2014

Where I Was Last Night

Even though I had heard of the Pickwick Theater--the Art Deco jewel of a movie house in the northwestern suburb of Park Ridge--I'd never been there before last night, when Mr. E and I went there for a showing of the Douglas Fairbanks version of Robin Hood.
It was being shown as part of this year's Silent Summer Film Festival, which has moved its showings around from venue to venue for the last couple of years due to the abrupt closure of the Portage Theater in the spring of 2013. (The Portage recently reopened its doors, so I hope the Festival will return there in 2015--and that, by that point, I'll be gainfully employed again and able to afford to go to more than one movie.) We arrived slightly late--Mr. E had never been there before either, so we got a bit twisted up on the suburban roads), but we still caught all but the opening credits and thoroughly enjoyed Fairbanks as he jumped, skpiied and generally threw himself around for two hours.
Also? I bought the T-shirt, as I always do, knowing full well that it would likely feature the exquisite Louise Brooks (since the Festival opened this year with It's the Old Army Game, a comedy featuring Brooks and W.C. Fields).

As well preserved and beautiful as the Pickwick is, though, I look forward to the fest's return to the Portage next year.

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JB said...

I would love to have seen the Pickwick, but 2014 is not a good year for me and the Silent Summer Film Festival to come together. I really, really hope it returns to the Portage next year. I'd bet that most devotees of the festival feel likewise. I'd also wager the festival makes more money in the city.