Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Brief Announcement

As most of my regular readers have no doubt heard by now, I was laid off from my job on March 28, 2014. And as some of you may have known, I don't have internet access at home, so updating the blog consistently is a bit difficult. (I'm typing at you now from the Sulzer Public Library in Lincoln Square, Chicago. It allows me two sessions per day, one hour per session. Better than nothing.)

Rest assured, I haven't abandoned this blog. I'll be back here in due time--either when I have a full-time job or when I have a new home computer, whichever comes first. (Likely the job, since I'll need money to buy said computer.)

Until then, please keep your fingers crossed for me and think positive thoughts--something good is coming soon.


JB said...

We are all wishing and hoping the best for you.

Eaton said...

Fingers crossed.

Dee Williams said...

I really like your optimism.

So much good happens when we keep the faith.

Love, Joel Osteen